Pistachio Chocolate Milkshake Recipe: A Colorful Nutty Take on a Classic

Pistachio Chocolate Milkshake Recipe: A Colorful Nutty Take on a Classic

Pistachio Chocolate Milkshake Recipe Image

Hey there, beverage fans! I'm thrilled to share this delightful pistachio chocolate milkshake recipe with you. It's a delicious combination of creamy milk, double cream, and the nutty goodness of pistachios, wonderfully sweetened and laced with cocoa. Ready to embark on a culinary adventure? Let's get started!

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  • Ingredients

    Here's what you'll need:

    • 1 cup of milk

    • 1/2 cup of double cream

    • 2 tablespoons of cocoa powder

    • 1/4 cup of shelled pistachios

    • Sweetener to taste (adjust according to your preference)


    1. Start by shelling the pistachios if they aren't already.

    2. Crush the pistachios into fine bits, making sure to set aside a few for garnish.

    3. In a small bowl, combine the cocoa powder and sweetener.

    4. Now, mix the sweetened cocoa powder with the crushed pistachios.

    Blending Fun
    1. Pour the milk into a blender.

    2. Add the double cream for a luscious, creamy texture.

    3. Toss in the pistachio-cocoa mixture for that nutty, chocolaty goodness.

    4. Blend everything until it's smooth and silky, ensuring no lumps remain.


    1. Pour your pistachio chocolate milkshake into a tall glass.

    2. Top it off with crushed pistachios

    3. Add a colorful straw for that extra fun factor.

    Now, sip and savor the amazing blend of creamy goodness with the nutty richness of pistachios and the lusciousness of chocolate. It's a delightful treat!


    I hope you enjoy making and savoring this pistachio chocolate milkshake as much as I do. It's a great treat for a sunny day or a cozy evening in. Don't forget to share your milkshakes on social media and tag @delicacyisland to spread the joy of this indulgent recipe.